Theater Policies:

1. No ball playing on the playground- if you want to playball- use the other grassy areas.

2. Speed limit in the theatre is: 5 MPH

3. No alcoholic beverages or drugs permitted on theatre property

4. Smoking in designated areas only

5. No open air fires or grills

6. Use only one parking space - please put blankets in chair in front of your vehicle.

7. Use parking lights during show times-- PLEASE turn off all lights (when parked) during show times

8. Please besure to check around your vehicle before you leave to ensure that you have not left any item or anyone and that you are clear to pull out of the space without hitting the poles or other cars

9. Please use theatre exits-- they are on the opposite side of how you entered the theatre

10. No profanity will be tolerated --customers that become obnoxious are subject to be removed from the theatre.

11. No laser pointers allowed

12. No cam-cording or (Facetiming) of the movies-- it is illegal and will subject you to arrest and prosecution

13. No screen switching- the admission price you paid buys you the right to see the two movies on the screen you wanted to see-- screen switching is illegal by studio contracts and subjects those who switch screens to expulsion.

14. Please put all trash into trash containers

15. Please curb your dog and pick up after them.

16. No sitting on top of the vehicles

17. The playground closes when the movies begin

18. Any outside food brought to the theatre will require you to purchase a $10 per car outside food permit.

19. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) When do movies begin? - We show at dusk. The theatre box office opens at: 7 PM Friday/Sunday; 6 PM Saturday

2) What is your booking policy? - We show G,PG, PG-13 and R rated films- we do not show NC-17 rated films

3) How often do you change movies? - We change features according to studio contracts-- often times new movies have a minimum run period of 2 weeks but some studios require 3 or 4 weeks. We frequently change our co-features on a weekly basis. Demand for the movie also determines how long we keep the product,

4) Do you show 3-D movies?  No we are not equipped for 3-D movies

5) Why don't you charge by the car load?  Studios require a per person admission price for newer movies. Adult rate is $9 Children rate for children ages 3-11- $4. Children below age 3- Free; children 12 and above are charged at adult rates (per studio contracts) 

6) Do we show movies in the rain?  Yes we do-- we play rain or moon shine-- there are NO RAIN CHECKS 

7) How do you hear the movies?  Via our car speakers; your FM stereo radio (94.9 FM for Screen #1 or 92.9 FM for Screen #2); or bring a portable radio.  We do offer some portable radios for rental.

8) Can I back my car into the spot and open a tailgate or sit in the back of a pick-up truck?   Yes- tailgates that are high and may obstruct viewing from behind your vehicle may be subject to be tied in a lower position.

9) Can I bring lawn chairs, blankets, etc...?  Yes-- however all chairs must be set up in front of your vehicle

10) Do you charge extra for special events before the movie?  NO- if you plan on coming to the event and staying to see the movie-- if you just plan on attending an event and leaving there is a $10 charge per vehicle

11) May I bring my dog?  Yes- we are pet friendly. Please lesh them and pick up after them. No dog walking on the playground please!

12) How long is your operating season?  March thru early December. We operate weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) only in the spring and fall months and 7 nights a week during the summer months (June/July)

13) Can organized groups attend during a specific night?  Yes- please call Jim Kopp (540-514-6145) to make arrangements

14) Do you offer any special services for hearing impaired individuals?  Yes- we offer open captions on Sunday nights 

Theater Policies & FAQ